The 8 Unhealthy Habits We All Do Without Noticing

Nowadays, more people are getting hooked by the trend of fitness and going to the gym. This gets everyone pay more attention to what they eat and how to keep a healthy body. So as long as this helps people get motivated to practice more and ad stay fit, we are all for it. However, there are certain habits we usually do, without being aware of the damage and harm they cause to our body. Here are 10 of these habits:

The 8 Unhealthy Habits We All Do Without Noticing

1. Buying Cheap Sunglasses

It is mainly because we consider it absurd to invest on a quality pair of glasses while at the end of the day we would sit on them, drop them or just lose them somewhere. But the fact that we all ignore and don’t give due attention is that the cheap sunglasses are manufactured using very low quality plastic that does much harm to our eyes instead of protecting them from UV rays. Worst than that, since sunglasses provide shade, our pupils automatically react by dilating instead of contracting in the sunlight. This gives more room for the harmful UV rays to enter, leading to greater damage to our eyes and eventually causing Cataract or even Cancer. Can you really tolerate that? So give it a serious second thought before you decide on which pair of sunglasses to buy. At least if you can’t afford one, you’d better skip having sunglasses instead of buying a cheap pair.

2. Crossing Legs

You are probably unaware of how frequently you cross your legs when sitting. Yes we all are and we don’t even notice it. We naturally do it because it makes us feel more comfortable maybe. However, crossing legs while sitting causes Hypertension, and it may result in varicose veins or even dangerous nerve damage. Thus, bearing this in mind, you will probably need to put more effort into switching to the safe position of firmly planted feet on the floor.

3. Eating At Your Desk At Work (if you have a job)

This is definitely an unhealthy habit but a lot of people do it so as to save their time and to do more tasks while eating. The office is generally not the right place to consume food. Your food can trigger many allergies that people near your office may have. Add to that the smell from your food that can reach other people and it is just impolite. But, if common sense and etiquette aren’t important to you, You should at least be aware of the fact that offices are full of bacteria that can be dangerous to your digestive tract. This should be enough reason for you to avoid eating in your office.

4. Sleeping On Your Side Or Stomach

Most of people unconsciously do this because it feels more comfortable, but although these sleeping positions feel comfortable, they are harmful and can cause serious issues for the body. Sleeping on your side prevents the diaphragm from expanding properly, which leads to problems in breathing and back pain as well. How about sleeping on your stomach? This is worse position. First of all, the movement of the diaphragm becomes limited and much pressure is put on most of your internal organs. It’s generally safer to sleep on your back. Maybe that’s why our back is flat 🙂

5. Feeding Birds

Many people like taking pictures with pigeons on their hands. So they get them sit on their hands by placing grains or any birds food in them. But Having this direct contact with the pigeons can be very dangerous since chances are that they may be carrying contagious deseases like tuberculosis, ornithosis, colibacillosis, rabbit fever… and you should be aware that city pigeons are just as harmful as city rats. So, you’d better keep a distance from them.

6. Microwaving Popcorn

It’s not on the grounds that popcorn is unhealthy, or that microwaves are harmful or anything like that. It’s all about the substances that microwavable popcorn bags contain. Most of them contain diacetyl, which is a artifitial oil that evaporates by heating, It’s very harmful when you inhale it. So at least next time when you popcorn, wait for your popcorn cool before getting it out from the microwave and save your lungs.

7. Treating Pain With A Hot Water Bottle

This is one of the most commonly used home made remedies for pain. It actually works in various situations, but in the case of certain injuries and conditions it can make things even worse. For instance, you may mistake a serious abdomen inflammation like appendicitis for a cramp. In this case, a hot water bottle or an ice-pack wouldn’t solve the pain, it would only make itworse. Also in the case of sprains and injuries, you shouldn’t use a hot water bottle for treatment for the first hours.

8. Drinking Too Much Water

Yes we are serious. We know that water is life and our body needs enough of it in order to function properly. It is generally known that the human body is made up of approximately 80% water. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should drink more than half you body in water. It should be enough to drink only when we are thirsty. If you think drinking too much water will keep you healthy, then the opposite might be true. This is because drinking more water water than you need can at times be bad, especially if you are experiencing kidney problems or cardiovascular problems.

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