BTS New Record-Breaking! Congratulations

As usual, BTS keeps breaking records and going up with every passing day.

This time, BTS has made it on the New York Post’s list of “the Top 10 boy bands of all time”!

The American newspaper publishing of their updated rankings coincided with Justin Timberlake’s coming soon “Man of the Woods” concert in New York, besides the Backstreet Boys’ comeback with their ninth studio album this week.

At No. 9, BTS was the only Asian group ever to make it to this list; if it wasn’t BTS, Who could make ever make it anyway!

The New York Post stated that the group had made history many times in the United States, reporting that “last year they became the first South Korean artists to headline a US stadium show, at Citi Field.”

The publication also chose “Fake Love” as their pick for BTS’s best song, stating that it was the group’s first single to break into the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

This explains the popularity that BTS is gaining all over the world and the huge grow of their fan base and army.

Congratulations to BTS! We love you!

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