The Best 20 Children’s Books About Embracing Differences

The easiest way to convey messages, teach lessons and morals and instill values in our children is via books. Prepare your kids to embrace the differences out there before they discover them and shape distorted ideas about them.

This list includes the best 20 books that teach kids about different religions, races, and abilities. These books will help children celebrate the differences in an entertaining and informative way.

“Different is Awsome”

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A little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell. The students ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize that he can do anything they can do, he just does it differently. Along the way, they notice that we’re all different in one way or another, leading to the realization that not only are differences a similarity we all share, but, they are what make us unique – AND AWESOME!

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