8 ways to detect spying cameras in your room

A secretly recorded video of you may end up on adult websites as this is becoming a trend again. Nowadays, people can easily buy spy cameras from online shopping sites. But most of the time, driven by unhealthy curiosity or for other nasty purposes, some people use this hidden camera to spy on other people. Your roommate, employer, hotel room, corridor room, etc. may have a hidden camera to record your private life.

So, if you suspect someone is spying on your hotel room, bathroom or changing room, it is very important to make sure there aren’t any hidden cameras in your room.

Here are some really quick and easy 8 ways to discover the hidden camera in the room:

1. Check the mirrors

This applies to the hidden camera behind a two-way mirror. Discovering a bidirectional mirror can help you stay safe, especially in the changing rooms of shops and shopping malls.

What you need to do is put your finger on the mirror. For a regular mirror, there will be a small distance between reflection and your finger. But if you can’t see any distance, this means there is a two-way mirror and you need to take immediate action.



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