19 Weird Photos That Will Make you Look Twice

You surely have been caught by a misleading view in real life a couple of times in your life. That’s normal because our mind processes the signals it gets from the eyes and associates them with already existing images and memories in order to give you a quick understanding of what’s happening. So, in some awkward situations, like an unusual body parts placement or just taking a shot from the right angle, we get confused and we definitely need to look twice to get the whole picture.

Consider these weird pictures that will fool your mind for a few seconds before you get it. Number 17 is just hilarious. Enjoy.

These look like they are breast implants but they turn out to be “knee implants”

This bride is shameless, she went too far. It’s her face that makes it even weirder.

No, She is not a shemale. Look twice

Now, this needs a second look for sure.


Hey buddy, You have a loose foot!

Are you going up or down? doesn’t make a difference anyway.

Are these three girls with two heads or two girls with big heads?

Who is hugging who? even if you get it, you will need to look twice.

Hey guys! looks like you are having fun, but your shadows are definitely having more fun.


that’s a nice butt tattoo! … oh wait, is that an arm tattoo?

When you two are so close to each other that you morphe into one person without noticing.

Ths girl has three legs, but one is bigger than the other two.

This one is really mind-twisting! nice shot.

Has she got two faces! is she possessed or is that only makeup?

Oh yeah Grandpa, they are all proud of you.

Right angle, perfect timing.

What the crack is this!


Have you found anything down there buddy?

She needs some waxing there, or does he?

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