25 Everyday Things That Look So Weird Under a Microscope

Your vision of the ordinary things around you will be totally changed and you will be mind-blown after you see these images. As the human eye abilities are so limited, we never get to see how awsome many creatures and objects really are. This is where the microscope comes to enlarge the image of an object by thousand of millions of times and here is a collection of what you can get:

1. Toilet Paper

5. The tip of a ballpoint pen

2. Sutured Wound

3. Chalk

4. Velcro

Can you imagine how much precision they need to get those hooks fixed in that perfect manner? It’s just mind-blowing.


5. A strawberry’s Surface

6. Fruit fly eye (Drosophilidae family)

7. Muscle Tissue

8. A tooth magnified to the atomic level

9. Flea

10. A Human Eyelash


11. Butterfly Wing

12. Guitar String

13. Record Grooves

14. The tip of a ballpoint pen

15. Grass

Do you notice how happy grass looks under a microscope?


16. Human Hair

17. Needle With Thread

18. Sand

It’s really fascinating how sand looks like under the microscope. It makes you wish you could have the power of a microscope in your human eyes.

19. Phytoplankton

20. A cat’s tongue

It is really fabulous how the cat’s tongue surface looks like it’s made of other smaller tongues.


21. Ant’s Head

22. The cut stem of a rose

23. Dust

Dust under microscope

This will surely change the way you see dust in your real life. This makes you even love dust.

24. The foot of an Aedes Aegypti mosquito

25. Used Dental Floss

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