Has Coronavirus Treatment Really Been Found? Where to buy Chloroquine?

Is chloroquine, originally used as part of malaria treatment, as effective against coronavirus? Focus on this possible solution.

A treatment called chloroquine might be the miracle solution to finally fight against the coronavirus.

Where to buy Chloroquine online?

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As part of an exclusive interview for Franceinfo, the director of the Mediterranean Institute Infection in Marseille, Professor Didier Raoult, is rather encouraging regarding chloroquine:

it is probably the cheapest and easiest treatment to treat coronavirus

This is not all, the expert is also reassuring regarding the accessibility of this treatment:

It’s accessible, it’s available and you don’t have to wait four years for a marketing authorization. It’s an absolutely huge opening

coronavirus treatment remedy has been found

This drug had already been shown to be particularly effective on many viruses such as SRARS.

To date, a general recommendation from all the Chinese authorities would be launched in order to treat the coronavirus with chloroquine.

What were we waiting for to use this already known remedy? Professor Didier Raoult is transparent dace at the microphone of Franceinfo and says:

 We were waiting for clinical trials to report the effectiveness we were prejudging. Now it’s done. We have all the elements. There may be adjustments to the dose to be given and the time during which the drug should be administered.

Regarding the question of the vaccine, the Professor does not seem convinced:

Everyone says it would be wonderful if there was a vaccine, but that’s not how it works. In the recent past, in the 21st century, major diseases have been conquered by treatment more than by a vaccine.


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