How China Used CoronaVirus To Deceive the World!

This is how the Chinese succeeded in deceiving the world with the story of the “Coronavirus”

In fact, the Chinese leadership used a special economic deceptive tactic, and did not resort to applying a high political strategy to “get rid of European investors and support the Chinese currency at one time”, because they know that the Europeans and Americans “are looking for excuses to catch the Chinese” … and Through this tactic, they succeeded in “deceiving everyone”, and earned $ 20 billion in two days; in addition to recovering 30% of private monopolies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping deceived the European Union and the United States of America at one time, playing a tactical economic game that no one thought. Before the Coronavirus, most of the stocks and shares in investment projects in technology and chemical production were owned by European and American investors. This means that half of the profits from light and heavy technological and chemical industries went to the hands of investors, not to the Chinese treasury, Which led to a decline in the Chinese currency exchange of the yuan. And the Chinese central bank was unable to do anything against the continuous fall of the yuan, then news spread that China was unable to buy masks to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

These rumors and the Chinese President’s statements that he is “not ready to save the country from the virus” have led to a sharp drop in the purchase prices of shares of technology companies in China, and empires have funded the “foreign” investors to offer investment stocks for sale at very low prices, and with offers Alluring, “Unprecedented.”

The Chinese president waited a whole week, then suddenly appeared smiling at a press conference, and when foreign stock prices reached their almost free minimums, he issued an order to buy shares of Americans and Europeans at one time, and when European and American investment financiers realized that they were deceived, it was too late. So, the shares were in the hands of the Chinese government.

After that, the profits of the technological and chemical industries companies will go to the Chinese government’s treasury, and to support the yuan, the Chinese government will not have to pay its gold balance.

Note: the virus is real, but it is not so terrible and most likely China has the vaccine from the start.

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