No more coffins! These organic burial pods will turn bodies into trees

An Italian project called Capsula Mundi is aiming to present an eco-friendly alternative to being buried in a coffin. These revolutionary seeds have been developed to be an alternative to the practical burial. Coffins are only used for about three days and it normally takes between 30 to 40 years for a tree to reach its full potential.

Like a coffin, these egg-shaped pods are designed to each house a deceased human body for burial. The body would be put in the fetal position within a biodegradable pod then buried in the ground. From there, a tree is planted above it allowing its roots to soak nutrients from the pod and grow.


Anna and Raoul, the dual behind the project, explained that the tree is chosen when the person is alive, then relatives and friends look after it when death occurs.

The appeal of these burial pods is that the human body can not only serve as a source of life of a tree but also provide an organic form for living loved ones to visit and care too.

Unlike a traditional cemetery filled with cold hard tombstones, this method of burial offers a forest of growing light. I’d much rather visit a field of trees than one of the tombstones. It provides an organic monument dedicated to each human life while contributing to the health of the earth.

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